Shannon Private Cruisers offer a unique approach to cruising the Shannon waterways. We offer privately owned cruisers for rent, for long and short breaks, which are not decorated with any logo or company emblem.

Over 1000kms of rivers, and canals link North, South, East and West. You will discover a wide variety of waterways: tranquil wide open water, winding river journeys, rural and city canals and characterful village moorings. Take your time and your boat and enjoy yourself. The Shannon River has many excellent pubs and riverside restaurants.

Cruising the Shannon waterways is a relaxing and therapeutic vacation from the hustle and bustle of modern urban living. You can relax, take time out and breathe in the clear, unpolluted air, while enjoying the unforgettable scenery set in peace and solitude amongst the 1,000 islands of the Shannon waterway.


Bedlinen: All bed linen is supplied on board.

Car parking: Car parking is provided free at our secure marina.

Electrics: Electrical equipment on board is fed from a 12-volt battery system. Hair dryers cannot be used on board as these can overload and damage the battery system. Each boat is fitted with 220 volt inverters which can be used for recharging mobile phones, laptops, camcorders etc.

Heating: All of our boats have either gas or hot air central heating.

Food and Drink: You can order food and drink in advance through our office and it will be ready for you when you arrive.

Fuel/Gas/Water: Our cruisers are diesel powered. You will commence your cruise with a full tank of fuel. On return your boat will be re-fuelled and you will simply be charged for what you have used. All our cookers are run on gas, which is supplied free of charge. All cruisers are filled with fresh water before departure and can be refilled free of charge at harbours along the way.

Navigation:Detailed navigation charts are provided on board, along with full instruction on their use.

Items to bring: Rainproof jackets, non-slip or rubber-soled shoes for safety on deck, sunglasses to protect against reflected light from the water. Sun block cream!

Locks: There are only 6 locks on the river Shannon, all manned by lock keepers who will help you through the lock with ease. There is a small charge of €1.50 for passing through each lock and €1.50 for lifting bridges. The Shannon-Erne Waterway has 16 fully automated locks using a modern push-button system. A swipe card for these locks can be purchased easily.

Mobile Phones: We recommend that you bring a mobile phone with you. We can be contacted 24 x 7 on 00353 (0)86 273 0721.

Moorings: Moorings are free along the Shannon and Erne waterways, except for the council jetty in Athlone where there is an overnight charge, but wardens are on duty for your security at this mooring. You can moor up for free any day at other public harbours or jetties and any day except Saturday at cruiser hire marinas – most charge €20 approximately.

Safety: Life jackets to suit all sizes are on board. We stongly recommend that children are supervised at all times and wear the life jackets provided while on deck. On board safety equipment includes binoculars, life belts, first aid kit and fire extinguishers.

Tuition: You do not have to be an experienced boat handler or have a licence to cruise on the Shannon. Our experienced instructors will ensure you know everything you need to about navigation and handling, and with their expert ‘one-to-one’ tuition you can be sure of starting your cruise with confidence.