Shannon Cruisers

Shannon Cruisers

Discover the wonders of the Adriatic by using Shannon boat hire program with your friends, family, or company. Shannon cruisers offer an experience of immersion in small villages, beautiful nature where nothing is polluted, relaxation, and gastronomic pleasures for groups.
You can choose between boats, yachts, and schooners, depending on the routes or if you are looking for full rent for weeks.

Private cruises

Recruitment modalities:

  • Full boat rental for weeks for groups of up to 40 people;
  • Routes designed between 7 and 12 days.


You can choose between boats, yachts, and schooners, depending on the routes or if you are looking for full rent for weeks, you can’t make a mistake with a cruise on the Shannon.

Three-masted Schooner

Ideal to enjoy the cruise in a relaxed way on the upper deck under the Adriatic sun or you could try the river Shannon cruise that has become quite trendy. With 63 meters in the socket and 18 double cabins, all equipped with air conditioning. The boat offers:

    • Sun cover with hammocks
    • Jacuzzi
    • Salon restaurant
    • Lounge bar
    • LCD TV screen
    • Outdoor lounge with comfortable tables and sofas

Best for:

    • Group travel
    • Incentive programs
    • Conventions
    • Team building programs
    • End-of-course, college or end-of-school trips
    • Active holidays
    • Weddings and anniversaries

We can categorize them with six (6) stars, and they guarantee a really luxury vacation, the “crème de la crème” in cruise trips.
There are many details that distinguish a luxury cruise, such as the fact that the crew addresses the guests by their name or surname, and on the second day onboard they know what their preferences are for breakfast, serving the coffee as they like without even having to ask for it. Before departure, the company may ask for the tastes regarding drinks, which will be available in the minibar upon arrival at the suite and where the personal assistant will welcome you with chocolates or champagne.

Why Choose a Luxury Cruise?


They are companies whose fleet traditionally consisted of small boats with simple and timeless decoration, where service and details made the difference. However, some have been incorporating new, slightly larger ships with greater gastronomic and entertainment options onboard, managing to lower the average age of passengers who are interested in these luxury products. We also have Wi-Fi, so you can always access your social media or your online gaming habits won’t have to suffer. If we aren’t passing by a good casino establishment, you can enjoy the cruise with your phone. Online casino sites are plenty for our higher class passengers. You can enjoy your casino games while watching the sea as you travel.


The level of service is excellent: a crew that will always be available and close, discreetly, and anticipating every need of the guests. The ratio of space (in m2) and the number of crew members per passenger is truly amazing. This has a considerable influence on the quality of service.


The accommodation options are different kinds of suites, exquisitely decorated, larger than average, and equipped with DVD players, living areas, and luxury bathrooms. Most of them have private balconies.


The cuisine onboard is equivalent to the best restaurants you could find in the most important cities in the world. With the modality of an open restaurant – schedule and free places – in the main dining room; and alternative restaurants of specialties without additional charge.


Everything included in the fares is a factor to consider when comparing travel costs. All drinks, only exceptionally some premium brands or reserve wines. There are no worries about major expenses because tips are included, and even if we want to give a plus, they will not be accepted.


The itineraries include more exclusive ports and much longer stays than the standard cruise trips. The excursions have little to do with mass tourism since many of the stops are not made in large cities but in small exclusive ports. It also includes in its rates an extensive list of free shore excursions.


Life onboard goes smoothly on deck, enjoying caviar and champagne canapés, or getting free small massages or iced towels to cool down. The atmosphere onboard is casual elegant during the day and elegant without reaching gala level at night. There are no gala nights on cruise ships in this category because their passengers already “endure” many formal or formal events in their daily lives.